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this is why

do you really want to know?
let me tell you ,
and Ill tell you why,
you’re the reflection of my life,
you’re were an image in my mind,
of a thousand colors of right.
when you said it could never be,
it broke my heart, every last piece.
even after I pleaded with you,
sill you wouldn’t trust me,
you never took the time to listen.
I knew if i couldn’t be with you,
that my time was soon to unravel.
that you were my last chance,
for true love, our last
God like connection from high up.
i really liked it when you played,
those creative games,
and how you played so deviously
i was so entertained.
maybe I just wanted to know,
i was alive,.
i prayed for you on a curbside,
and all i wanted was for you
to pray for me too.
to stop making a science of love,
and acknowledge our emotion.

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