Loving my neighbor as myself, thoughts on current and hot topics, inspiration, music, art, and poetry

losing breath

when you left, I couldnt breath,

then all the music stop playing,

and Angels paused in their silence.

Or were they just silently praying?

But today, is a different story,

Iive seen things that are great,

to great for my tiny eyes and ears.

call my name and save me, save me.

without your touch, without your love,

I will always be a low form of nothing.

emerging from the bottom of the ocean,

I saw a man in blue, on my wall it hung,

a three di. movie, encompassed in a frame.

there was a whole world in that glass,

i must make it back.

but it seems i have missed the bus.

because I was always meant for you

and you were always, meant for me too.

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