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How my country America can stop ISIS without stepping foot in their backyard

End legalized abortion. Nothing says “Join Isis” to potential recruiters better than our own testimony, and that is, that we still think it’s ok to kill our own which sends the message that we are just like the rest of the world, not different. let me explain
The dems lost the election, not because of Russia or obstruction, it is purely because the people in America are moving away from our cray cray past. We are changing, and the internet was the medium that did it. The Dem’s thought that popularity, news companies, and tv ads would win it, but this is the internet age right? The internet was against them from the beginning, and still ’till this day the internet is vehemently against the left. The only celebrities and politicians who don’t know the internet is against them are the ones that don’t read their own website comments.
I think the reason why the internet won instead of news companies is because for the first time real people get to give their opinion, and the Dem’s can’t escape it. They have to do something desperate, and the only thing they can do is start working toward uniting the country by ending the thing that is the literal definition of division, and that is abortion. We are a pro-life country now, and it’s just a matter of time before it starts to show itself in our laws! In the past they could shut down traditional media, but you can’t shut down the truth in the form of millions and millions of comments!

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