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Geostorms: fact or fiction?

I’ve had recurring dreams for years about massive storms, floods, tsunamis, and now add quakes to the mix. I’ve never been worried about the earth population until you start looking at the evidence for climate change. It’s pretty clear, we have to boot pollution, and the overflow of carbon dioxide out of our lives, or these geo storms could become a reality. If Al Gore can’t stop it, the earths atmosphere will send a clear signal pretty soon. I predict that most people today who doubt global change will change their minds very soon. I’ve totally changed my mind. When we were kids the sky was so big and untouchable, but now it appears to be blanketing us as though it’s trying to choke us out. Why? Maybe the earth is turning on us, after all, it is possible the earth has some kind of self created emergency switch. It could also mean mother earth is finally kicking us out of our nest. I like that theory better.

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