Ride With the Horsemen

When I look in the mirror naked I feel I could be the inspiration for Sponge Bob Square Pants, but I am rock n’ roll inside and out. My ideas to me are the best in the world, and some of my ideas are big enough to be waterboarded for, but understand this: In the Metallica song The Four Horsemen, James Hetfield makes a statement “with the four horsemen ride, or choose your fate and die!” You need me more than I need you, unless we are talking about the girl I am courting Heather. I need her more than she needs me. But for everybody else, the cards in my hand trump yours, and the game is over. Let’s start with this idea for example.

The Homelessness issue is probably becoming the subject of our day. The people have a right to a clean neighborhood, and not have a bunch of transients in the public square all the time. There is a drawback however, and that is that Homeless people don’t have an advocate other than liberals who are just using the situation for votes. The poor and homeless need to come together, so that society doesn’t become bigoted against the poor. Hitler was a guy who wanted to create a state of nirvana, but in the process it got got ugly and racist and bigoted. So, don’t assume that building a beautiful public square is the answer to everything, in fact it could come back to be a nightmare for Americans. To make matters worse, the poor and homeless who are trying to get off the street, and are not hanging out in the public square are also being lumped into it by police and mental health professionals, so there needs to be a balance here. One last thing, our mental health system is a few steps away from being chemical warfare, so stop getting the cops and getting the mental health professionals to clean things up, because they don’t know what they are are doing. Homelessness is something that can only be dealt with on an individual to individual basis, in other words, it’s up to the people to make sound decisions, or you may be the next guy on that sidewalk. God bless you today!

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