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The Political Spectrum: The Ship Is Going Down

I want to share something to people, particularly men, about something have had trouble being honest about. It grieves me to tell you this, but this ship is going down. America the titanic has fallen. Men of today have a new job now: get as many women and children as possible off the ship and into safety.

I’ve lived a hundred lives, and have met some of the best friends there are in the world. I look like a small guy, a nobody, but this nobody is tasked with waking you men up, and commissioning you to save what’s left. I don’t consider myself a dooms day person, because they warn you of a future catastrophe. I am here to tell you that the catastrophe has already happened, and the ship is going down people whatever side your on whether the left or the right.
You could look at my character, my bad choices, and actions and say “for such a nice guy, he is not really very nice at all,” and I would agree. My life choices are terrible, and don’t reflect a good guy on the surface. I have fallen to levels in life that frankly I am embarrassed and insecure about, but that doesn’t mean I am all wrong, especially when the ship is going down and no one seems to even acknowledge it. But I do have a purpose, and God hasn’t taken me home yet, because he is still using me to save what’s left, the next generation or maybe just the person I am with, and hopefully you men would make that choice to be used as well.

This morning I had a dream about my mom again. She passed away in 1999, and it took me a long time to come to grips with that, but once in a while I still have dreams of seeing her, and desperately crying out to her to come back home, and help me, and be my mom again, but every time it’s the same feeling I get, I need to grow up now: she has passed on. Men, it’s time to put away your feelings, and help me get the women and children off the boat and to safety. The ship called America is going down, and it pains me with disparity and grief to tell you that you and I aren’t going to make it. Stop trying to save your life. Our politicians aren’t being honest with Americans today, but the state of politics is dire, however it’s not too late to save the next generation, or maybe, just maybe the only task you have is to use the buddy system, and save the stranger next to you, but it’s your choice, and God isn’t going to fill you in on all the details about the political climate, so trust Him when he speaks.

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