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Creationist or Evolutionist?: I don’t have a dog in the fight

Credibility, it’s something you can only lay claim to if you are honest. When it comes to evolution, I am OK with whatever you believe, but to call it fact without physical, see-able, touchable evidence is a shot to your credibility. I love to read books, but as soon as I come across an author who tries to tell me what happened over a span of millions of years, I seriously start questioning whether I should even finish the book, I mean, not everything in life and faith is verifiable, but try to get somewhere in the center at least. To break this down without a bunch of scientific mambo jumbo, and get to the point, I will show you that no one knows what anything was like beyond maybe 8000 years.

Observable Science

Science depends on half-life to know how long an element, chemical, compound or what have you, will last. It means that I can know how long it will last, if I can identify what happens half way through the process. This technique can be refined to know how long something lasts just by observation over a minute, a day or years. The oldest tree rings show earth to be about 6000 years old, not counting before the trees grew, so add another 2000 years or so if you want. But there comes a point where this process is not credible anymore when your referring to millions of years. The only way you can know if something will last a million years for example, is if you can observe what happens for at least 25,0000 years, and none of us will live past 200 years old, so sorry, but if your an author, or a teacher, I don’t care if you went to Harvard, or Yale, your credibility suffers when you talk millions of years, and even if I’m on pg one ninety, and I love the book, I have trouble continuing on, and it’s a distraction. To be clear about my belief, I am not a creationist or an evolutionist, so I don’t have a dog in the fight, but whatever you say in a book should be factual. I am a Bible believer, and I guess that makes me a creationist, but truth be told, both ideas are basically the same thing to me, and have some credible arguments. God said it, and bam! It happened immediately. If your god is nature, well I have news for you, nature is a cruel thing to humans.

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