So Close, and So Far (poem)

Sometimes I look back at my life
and it’s hazy, and the clock is
laughing in my face with all of it’s
slight of hands
but I can say I have found some of
the best friends who have accepted
me at face value, so
I’ll see you all there, where
Life meets me at home, another time

My eyes used to be something that
gave me compliments
But now they betray my very soul
Leaving me with a question of how
I will reconcile myself to a world
that feels like
a room of mirrors and I cant
find my perspective anymore
trapped in a life of bad choices

but I am always so close, and so far

One Reply to “So Close, and So Far (poem)”

  1. Worth the read, really. I am inspired by your post, I felt different emotions and I could totally feel the honesty in this writing. Truly amazing piece of work. I hope you could also try to follow my Blog Page. Cheers! 🙂

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