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Mental Illness: The Disguise Term For Toxic Waste Poisoning

Many people out there think they are suffering from mental illness, but is it possible that something is at the surface that is nagging you, that really isn’t mental illness?

I was diagnosed with a mental illness at age 21, and I have voluntarily admitted myself to many hospitals, and if  you think that the professionals know best, you are very very wrong. They have no idea what to do with the patients, as evidenced by the fact that patients often return again and again, and the pharmacy has a lock on treatment options. They have convinced people that they need their drugs everyday. The DREAM of every business is to convince people they need their product everyday, but I was not actually going to write about the mental health field. I wanted to, however, blow the lid off of some environmental issues that maybe the government is not telling us about.

For people with mental illness who experience “hallucinations,” have certain levels of it. Audio, Visual, Tactile, and sometimes all three, which I call a combination hallucination (CH). CH’s only happen in certain locations. Location, location, location. CH’s can be very awesome, and also nightmarish.  You could argue, that patients have a genetic propensity to illusions from mental illness which is very relevant to the issue, but like a canary, where there is toxicity or possibly radiation, people with mental illness are more likely to experience them. Mental hospitals are filled with people who don’t know that there might be an environmental problem that put them there, and frankly, it’s egregious, and it’s so out of control that the use of medications are not unlike chemical warfare in high security hospitals. You can see it on the patients faces a look of warfare in their eyes. I generally subscribe to the idea that if it looks like it, smells like it, and acts like it, it is.

When I was a kid, I gave in to the ideological temptation sometimes to steal things, but my neighbors were very good investigators, and I never got away with anything. I got caught every single time, and paid the price, but where are the neighbors when it comes to toxic waste? Why are they ignoring that?





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