Good Habits And life Issues

Quitting bad habits can be trivial, because now not only do you have a bad habit, but a new bad habit of trying to quit unsuccessfully. That’s why the process is three fold. One, quit the bad habit, two, start healthy habits, and three address your inner voice. I don’t claim to have this process down, but if I can encourage others as well as myself then the bread is cast into the water.

I was told once by a professional, not to stop every habit all at once, but break it down to one at a time, one victory at a time, and start with the easiest ones first. By that information we could conclude that we don’t have a bad habit, but a number of bad habits collectively working against us. Probably no one has only one, but maybe there’s a few stars out there somewhere who have none, however I’m no Billy Graham. Even as I write this, its challenging.

There are actually great books that break it all down, but it all requires smart life decisions in addition to building new habits. Complicated stuff. Try as you may, you will run into road blocks. But I’ve learned that sometimes what appears to be a bad habit is a culmination of our bad decision of not listening to our own conscience. If we ask others for advice, we might get a lot of answers, but not answers to whats really going on inside. For every action there’s an exact opposite equal reaction so try to tie together the relationship between problems and issues in your life with a habit that is related. If you smoke, try to figure what side effects it causes and how to treat that or make up for it in your journey, but also consider what psychological and general life issues are complicating the process. Do you need a job? Do you need a hobby? Are you overworked? Exercising enough or always cooped up? Do you need God? Do you have challenges that are daunting? We need to address those issues, and put priority on the main life issue that is the cause. People you talk to will argue or oppose how you assemble your priorities or methods, but don’t put off your inner voice, bc that’s usually the real issue. Always look to God first, and be willing to receive correction from others, but the others don’t always know the underlying issue.

Blessings and victory your way! Thanks for reading, liking, and sharing.

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