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Taste And See

Boy life is no easy peazy thing. Even in our attempt to change our focus to Jesus, there are still so many bad habits to overcome that can keep us from close fellowship with God. Turning only to Jesus means trusting in His strength, and through Him overcoming things that we had given up on a long time ago, and our hearts and minds even have habits that lead us back to the old habits, and now add that to another new habit of trying and failing. However the promise of eternal life is that we will live and dwell with Jesus in perfect harmony with the father, and to live abundant life. We aren’t dependent on our own abilities, but for those who love God we will be in perfect fellowship with God. We will still have issues with sin, but when we lose ourselves in the goodness of the Christian life, and humble ourselves to His reasoning, our flesh will start to conform. What is the Christian life? It’s not doing, it’s just fellowship and love with God and others. Love God, and love our neighbors.

Techy DYI world

This new media tech era we live in is actually giving us the ability to do everything ourselves without the need of even calling or visiting friends, and some are questioning if google has replaced church. However instead of looking at this as a set back, which it is, we learn to evolve and works with it, so that we never lose that real connection with others. If anything we should see this as an opportunity for better, and learn to smile at our problems.

Our dilemma and solution

A lot of people feel just satisfied with where they are with their relationships and social connections, yet haven’t chosen to follow Him. Here is the bad news, we are desperately lost without God, and need a way to get forgiveness, which Christ has made for us. Good news, we just receive it. Let’s receive it together. Amen


Where two or more are gathered Jesus is in the midst. Jesus forgive us and mend us, so that we will have fellowship with God, and always see and find ways to thank you by serving others

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