I’m Re-Branding! New Name Soon!


I’m re-branding! Soon my blog will have a new name: Glassily.life

I am looking to compete with other bloggers, and also at the same time, I am launching a new niche blog. For now, if you type the new name it will redirect to the old name, but after October 8th, I will transfer it completely.

Christian devotions, Christian Movies and Music

It will be made up of devotions, and blogs covering Christian movies, movie production, producers and actors, and the overall movie business that relates to Christians. I would imagine there will be other sub topics to cover, that I’m still working on like Christian music, and pretty much all things Christ centered. Salt and Light is the great commission!


The old has passed away, and behold I make all things new

I am leaving behind my old journal type blog, since it doesn’t get that much readership anyways, and also I found it to take away from my purpose which is The Great Commission, rather then focusing on my own life, issues and politics!  I’m pretty excited about the new digs, so for all my readers who return here one or more times, I hope you will stay tuned in, because I feel very good about this new change in my life.




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