I Can Only Imagine: Review and Commentary (revised)

I’ll Start with the positives about the movie. Overall it was great, and very enlightening in terms of who Bart is, and his story, but I will say that after hearing about how much of it was inaccurate, that bothers me, however maybe not for the reason you might think.

Dennis Quad

I was impressed by Dennis Quads performance of a drunk dad; I mean I totally could relate to this in a way. My dad was a drinker since the day he drank for the first time in college. He served in Vietnam and became some kind of chemical science major, but he ended up dropping out because of the drinking, and couldn’t go a moment without alcohol for the rest of his life. Throughout that time I didn’t know him or had ever met him, unless you count when I was baby while too young to remember. My mom always told me my dad was abusive, and that’s why she moved on at some point. I never knew him until age about 17, and even then I only knew him for a short 4 months, two of which I stayed with him temporarily. He never got a chance to abuse me, and I didn’t plan to stick around long enough to give em the chance, and he died just maybe a year or so later. As far as I remember he was calm and just loved TV for some reason. It was all day TV for him.

Dennis Quad, in some kind of strange turn of events played my dad, but on the wrong movie. I loved Quad’s acting, including the attitude, the clothes, the alcohol, the slurring, the falls, and the constant analytical type with his hands on his chin (which I’m doing right now by the way.) You could say Dennis played my dad better then Bart’s dad, because Bart’s didn’t even drink. Yup you heard that right, he was not a drunk. So I am not happy about that inaccuracy, because that is a big leap from a guy who is drunk and abusive, to a guy who is not a drunk, but is an abuser.  If I ever did a movie about my life, which will never happen, because I am a pretty unimportant person, I would have to contend with the fact that the Erwin Brothers who directed this movie already took my dad’s part. Thanks a lot, lol.

Bart Millard

Michael Finley portrayed Bart as a kind of immature kid, but it was the abuse of his dad that seems to have been boiling under the surface, but on the outside he was very organized and intent about his musical career. I was glad to see a different side to Bart then you might expect in his story. In concert he looks so professional and in control, and his singing is the best I’ve ever heard, so its hard to imagine him this way .


There was something about Madeline Carroll’s character Shannon that I felt very connected too. I’m from SoCal where girls don’t wait for their boyfriends to come back home someday, like her character seemed to do, rather they just move on, and will likely never be seen again, so it was refreshing to hear that romance works for some people. She had a great performance, and I feel like Madeline could probably be a distance cousin of mine or something, I don’t know, but that’s how you know she performed well. I felt something from it.

I need to feel it

I need to feel something. When I’m writing music or blogs or poetry, I need to feel the emotion of it. If I feel it, I know that it means something, and that is what makes relatable content, and great story telling

Thumbs up overall

The movie was overall a good movie, but the bottom line is if you’re going to do a movie about the best Christian single in history, I kind of wish the movie would at least accent that, but otherwise, it was a nice day at the movie theater, and I loved Dennis Quad even more now! He’s like a dad to me, lol.



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