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Cowboys and Pirates, an allegory

A beautiful picture of my life in an allegory. Hope you like it.

This is the story about how I become a Raider fan. I used to be a 49er fan, of all teams, and loved the name and look of the team.
I was pretty down with the 9er team, but one day… I went on a trip up north,  and on my journey up and down California, there was a group of real 9ers who were panning for gold, whom I had befriended, and they took me under their wing. I met a beautiful woman who was like an angel sometime later. I had finally found my place in life, but in a different world altogether, where everything became three dimensional. For example, a picture on a magazine was actually a little 3D movie that played to my emotions and thoughts like a fiddle. They even spoke to you like little advertisements jumping off the page.

I started to understand my place in life, and I think I had the greatest moments of my life, however I noticed I couldn’t sleep. I was up for days, but I felt great. Then after some time she broke my heart in pieces. She dumped me after what felt like a lifetime together, and ya, it was that good, or should I say she was that good. She wanted someone stronger. The 9ers I had befriended and worked with, turned on me too, turned evil, beat me, wounded me and left me to die in the river. My bloody body floated downstream into the ocean, and ended up real close to shore right in the bay. Their happen to be an unbelievable beautiful young lady who saw me from shore, and fished me out of the bay.

She revived me and helped me back to health. She was a refreshing glass of water in a very difficult time in my life. She saved me, and not only that, but she took me in, and hid me from her people who were evil pirates, even though they would probably have tried to kill me too, and possibly her for helping me. When I got better, I went home, and even though we parted ways at some point, she was the one who healed my heart for a time, and of all the people too: A girl who was running with a band of tough sea criminals, took time for me not expecting anything back. She was my hero. Till this very day, I imagine she is right there, and hasn’t left me. yet. #raiders#raiderfanforlife #raiderchicks#Lovethyraiderneighbor #healingwounds

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