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Highlight: David Crowder – Lift Your Head Weary Sinner

This song is off the hook, and really almost a movement all in its self. I recall a time in my early faith how I said to a brother that If I make it to Heaven, “I’ll probably just barely stumble in,” bc I stumble when I am stressed, rushed and worried, and struggle a lot spiritually.

This song starts off with a message about going to the river of fellowship, and forgiveness

“Lift your head weary sinner, the river’s just ahead
Down the path of forgiveness, salvation’s waiting there”

What comfort it is, that even in our most challenging troubles, we can go to God. I have to admit, I don’t pray as much as I want to because my prayer is often just more thoughts I have already taken to God, as I tire of praying it over and over, and not getting the desired results I need, however there is always something that always drives me back to him bc I am weak without him.

See the source image

I believe that our Angels are sometimes hindered, and in our strength there is nothing we can do, but I try to learn from each issue as it comes up, as I wait for redemption. It’s not sitting around hoping for a change, but being proactively waiting (Look at 2 Peter 3:12 and Titus 2:13.) And some believers WILL be brought to the brim of despair as with Job, and every apostle including Jesus himself. When I say brim, I mean every ounce of their being will be tested and refined for the benefit of the kingdom.

The river is a place where people are getting together, turning to and worshiping God. It represents how when we do this, we are putting our roots into fertile soil near a river, and growing into a beautiful fellowship as God grows us daily until we are like gold, and nothing can shake us. Believe it or not, the world only lacks this one thing. Fellowship with God. God created men for fellowship.

We don’t have to be a lone legacy like Dirty Harry, but that’s what we have been programmed to do, to rely solely on ourselves, and even schools are putting more focus on helping kids help themselves rather then helping them humble themselves: Click here: Better is a neighbor nearby.

Love is what kids need, and help from others, and not to find themselves so self-empowered that they never really learn to connect and rely on others when it’s critical. It’s like a mortal sin today to ask someone for help, and to add to that, some are laughing every time you stumble and fall. Really? Is that what self empowerment is, bc that’s not what I signed up for.

Bless and thank you so much for reading, and I am so very grateful for each reader. Bless you.

Listen below to hear the this amazing song with special guest rapper Tedashii


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