Bible Devotionals

7/10/18     Comfort

Nahum was a small very almost insignificant prophet in the Bible. The name means comfort. By reading it, you wouldn’t feel very comfortable, because part of peace and comfort is fighting injustice. In Nahums day it was Nineveh. Maybe you have heard the expression “Ninny.” Don’t be a ninny, lol. Well maybe that term came from the story of Nineveh in some way, but try to understand that Nineveh was the very expression of evil, and they were more than just Ninny’s.

These kinds of things usually start out with weird cults practicing weird stuff up in the hills, and usually somewhere in there is the acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism, and ends in abortion on demand, and terror related events.

Nineveh who had been given a second chance by God just a hundred years before hand, had gone back to their old ways. This man Nahum who was named after comfort, was also a man who was judging, and in today’s terms that would be inhumane according to popular culture. We somehow are not allowed to use judgement anymore according to the left leaning policies. God still made Nineveh pay the price.

Today’s Depression

Chronic depression and loneliness are not usual topics in scripture, but can be found in the Bible, but the kind we have in society today are not usual, and most likely caused by pharmaceutical drugs and experimentation. We need to stop big pharma abuse!


Nahum described grasshoppers in his day. Now I don’t know about you, but grasshopper isn’t an insect that brings fear or dread. But, these cute little jumpy critters, can clean a family farm out over a few hours. I believe the family institution today is being cleaned out by grasshoppers. The question is who are they? How do they jump from one place to another without being seen?

Jesus paid the price

Jesus died and all sacrifices came to an end. His blood paid the price. He also sent the comforter!

Amen and Amen.