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Songwriting: Hit, Plateau, and Experimental

Posted in Artist Promotion, music, Music Promotion, various crazy stuff by Bill Charlson on January 8, 2018

Updated 1/09/18

There are three kinds of songs for the songwriter. Hit, Plateau, and Experimental. If you have written a “hit” song, you’ll know it, and its easy to identify because it will get immediate, not delayed positive feedback. (Note: In this study, I am using the term “hit” song in terms of a good song vs a bad song, not necessarily a song that is on the billboard top 10 already.” Plateau songs are the ones that have a great a message, but not a good sound, and Experimental songs are not always good sounding, but sometimes are necessary for exercise purposes.

On plateau’s: I call them plateau songs, because the author writes a song with a message they love and are really excited about, and they try to force the song to be a hit by singing it in a higher register , or always high in the octave throughout the song, hence the “plateau.” I am tempted to harshly criticize bands or artists doing this, because it’s so obviously not working, but even if I do, they likely will not listen anyways, because they are way up on their “plateau” of emotion. They often are obsessed with the message to the point that will actually try to force it to be a hit, and it’s not possible. Plateauing doesn’t work, you just have to go back and rewrite the song until it’s right. A good message or very heartfelt message doesn’t mean it’s a hit.  I think some writers are under the impression that if it comes from deep in the heart, people will catch the picture. No, They wont, unless the listener is another plateauer, lol. Now you have two plateauers in the mix doing their thing, and they sound like two dogs howling at the moon or something. Come down from there young strapper!

Experimental songs on the other hand are good even though they may not sound that good, but is kind of designed to help the artist grow on a spiritual level, over time leading to a hit song. Experimental songs are the reason why an album has either eight bad songs, and one or two hit songs, or eight hit songs, and one or two bad songs. It’s really a combination of experimenting and trying to meet the deadline for their next album. Personally, I think artists should only have one or two of them on an album, and the rest hit songs, but it’s just reality that it doesn’t always work out that way. Now if your Pink Floyd, even your experimental songs are usually good. You might be wondering what’s the importance of experimental songs, and I’ve heard DJ’s comment on this before. It’s basically where most new music comes from. It’s like a paint artist who sometimes has to digest the idea over a period of months before they can add that artistic touch.

Hit songs: I think hit songs are songs that are relatable, sound good, and are fun. On top of a good message or expression, fun is really the key to a hit rock song. The singers voice should go high, go low, go middle, and just bring a variety of fun in the melody. In every professional hit song, you will find variety in the melody, and then the singer does their part by adding the finishing touches by harmonizing it in a way that no other can do. I’ve also noticed that most hit songs have a poetic name to it, so that’s another hint for you. Back in the day when I wanted to sample music, I would just look through the song list, and just skip right to the songs that have a poetic name, and like 90 percent of the time, it’s an amazing song. I will end with this, another mans trash is another mans treasure, so I’m not saying that your plateau can’t be a hit, it just really comes down to what you value most, and think others value as well.

So in short, don’t plateau, do experiment, but don’t make your audience pay for eight terrible songs, just so they can get to the two hit songs.


Random thoughts on intellectual property found in my old notes

Posted in random, various crazy stuff by Bill Charlson on January 5, 2018

How do we investigate derivative theories. What if you said something that contributed to a major discovery, but you didn’t get credit. In theory, tesla was the true father of technology, but how do we truly bring that to light, for all to see, because some people could say that its all made up, and dismiss it however that wouldn’t be popular right now since tesla is king these days. And who really owns the theory, since nothing ever really happens only by one person? There’s really no father of any science, it takes a village, but at the end of the day it would sure be nice if there was a book that could reference and backtrack exactly who is responsible for what down to the t.
There are so many people that would rather take another persons intellectual property, and call it thier own, but how can we find them out? Funny thing, they have equations that describe complex micro systems, but dont have an equation for finding out who owns what intellectual property, and by design of course. Everyone wants their name in lights, not really, it solely about money, and even more intrigeing to people in science, is power.

Are Some Angels Nude? I Say Yes and Here’s How I Know

Posted in various crazy stuff, wonder by Bill Charlson on December 25, 2017

While performing a dude walking by, under his breath, asked a rhetorical question in reference to Angels I sing about in my new worship song. His question was “Have I ever seen them?” First off,  don’t speak under your breath anymore, it doesn’t serve you well.

I have seen Angels. One time an Angel visited me, and she was nude, yes you read that right, and she wanted to draw my portrait for some mysterious reason, and I didn’t really ask too many questions, because I knew she was supernatural, because she just appeared out of no where, and left into thin air. Her skin was lightly coffee colored, long brown hair, and she was beautiful. People might wonder or think I’m telling a perverted story, but these siting’s are not uncommon in history. Theoretically some angels in the Bible were commonly nude, though it’s all just speculation and theory. Adam and Eve were nude up to a point, so it’s not entirely out or the question.

I laugh in the face of giants

Posted in Devotional, devotions, Message, various crazy stuff by Bill Charlson on July 15, 2017

David was not a holler at the top of your lung type of person, unless he’s facing giants. He yelled  “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” But people don’t like the david’s of the world, because it disrupts the market. There is money to be made off of giants. Big pharmacy has money to made, big oil and big coal have skies to pollute, big church has people to “heal,” big media has a story to be told, big money has big plans, but I am a visionary. We don’t like visionaries. NO visionaries allowed here, but God is not the author of confusion, and mix ups, and weak knees, no I a will prevail, because “I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.”


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The value of Gods plan

Posted in Church, Devotional, devotions, various crazy stuff by Bill Charlson on July 14, 2017

It’s easy to overlook Gods plan for our lives when we also have needs, and we try to balance our needs with what fits in with it, and we have no other choice. I’m not a Duracell bunny, and I don’t have the faith and energy to run into every open door anymore. I leave my window open to anyone in a way of speaking, especially if they need help, but at the end of the day we live in world where we all need to be connected and unified with others, and it’s not about what you can do for me, or what problem of mine you can solve, it’s a two way thing. This is how it works, you admit you need me, and admit I need you, and if those two thing’s do not fit in with your ideas of what life is, then your living a live of works, and not grace. I have learned to stay out of relationships and situations where it’s completely one sided in the sense that it’s about them helping me, and I’m just the poor broken person who desperately needs them. No, it doesn’t work that way, this isn’t one sided, if you come into contact with me, however it may appear God made it happen, and it’s a divine appointment, not a one sided rescue. Admittedly growing up it really was one sided, and I did need rescue, but that’s because I was just not ready to see things differently. Every person you run into is a divine appointment, and it’s mostly about fellowship with God, not about money or what you or they get out of the deal.


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