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Random thoughts on intellectual property found in my old notes

Posted in random, various crazy stuff by Bill Charlson on January 5, 2018

How do we investigate derivative theories. What if you said something that contributed to a major discovery, but you didn’t get credit. In theory, tesla was the true father of technology, but how do we truly bring that to light, for all to see, because some people could say that its all made up, and dismiss it however that wouldn’t be popular right now since tesla is king these days. And who really owns the theory, since nothing ever really happens only by one person? There’s really no father of any science, it takes a village, but at the end of the day it would sure be nice if there was a book that could reference and backtrack exactly who is responsible for what down to the t.
There are so many people that would rather take another persons intellectual property, and call it thier own, but how can we find them out? Funny thing, they have equations that describe complex micro systems, but dont have an equation for finding out who owns what intellectual property, and by design of course. Everyone wants their name in lights, not really, it solely about money, and even more intrigeing to people in science, is power.

Are Some Angels Nude? I Say Yes and Here’s How I Know

Posted in various crazy stuff, wonder by Bill Charlson on December 25, 2017

While performing a dude walking by, under his breath, asked a rhetorical question in reference to Angels I sing about in my new worship song. His question was “Have I ever seen them?” First off,  don’t speak under your breath anymore, it doesn’t serve you well.

I have seen Angels. One time an Angel visited me, and she was nude, yes you read that right, and she wanted to draw my portrait for some mysterious reason, and I didn’t really ask too many questions, because I knew she was supernatural, because she just appeared out of no where, and left into thin air. Her skin was lightly coffee colored, long brown hair, and she was beautiful. People might wonder or think I’m telling a perverted story, but these siting’s are not uncommon in history. Theoretically some angels in the Bible were commonly nude, though it’s all just speculation and theory. Adam and Eve were nude up to a point, so it’s not entirely out or the question.